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About Us

Joseph Filanowski

Joseph E. Filanowski Jr. is an award winning builder. His intimate knowledge of materials and construction techniques makes him a vital resource in all aspects of the project, from generating the budget, to developing construction schedules, achieving permitting and construction contracts, as well as personally escorting his clients to various suppliers. With over 25 year of experience in high-end residential construction, your investment will be lead with superior confidence. Joseph has earned state licenses in both Remodeling and New Home Construction. His vision was clear at a young age and graduated with high merit in carpentry from Platt RVTS.

John Costantini

John T. Costantini is a soft spoken, true expert in construction project management. He has many repeat clients that request him for his attention to every detail. John has over 20 years in the field and is well known by his peers for his award winning craftsmanship. He leads our teamfrom the beginning stages of the earth work to move-in day. John is most comfortable wearing his tool pouch but is not afraid to run our own heavy equipment. He always makes sure our clients are well informed and comfortable during remodels in addition to new construction.

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